Follow Seven Steps to create Sanity Saving Routines. Image of a hand holding a pen over a blank sheet of paper. Image from Death to Stock Photo.
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Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines

Developing personal routines was a sanity saver for me. I used to cringe inwardly when I heard the word routine. To me, a routine was confining and boring. That is not what I wanted in my life. I wanted more joy and peace in my life. I was tired of feeling frazzled and feeling that… Continue reading Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines

How can I continue to live Lent after Easter? Image of a statue of Jesus with arms outstretched.

Living Lent After Easter

Lent is almost over. Easter is a time to celebrate, eat chocolate, and throw off the behaviors and disciplines of Lent! Right? How many of us go right back to our usual before Lent behaviors and routines when Easter arrives? I do. I have a confession: not only do I go right back, but I… Continue reading Living Lent After Easter