Share the faith with our children. Ask the, what did you like about Mass today? Image of an altar at a Catholic Church.
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What Did You Like About Mass Today?

Practicing our Catholic faith is important to us. Encouraging our children to know and practice the faith is part of our responsibility as parents. One way we share our faith with our children and encourage them in their faith is by talking together. As a family, we attend the morning Mass on Sundays. Often during… Continue reading What Did You Like About Mass Today?

Work to achieve your goals and celebrate your success. Image of a blue and purple sky at sunset over foothills.
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Secrets to Achieving Goals

Achieving goals just as (if not more) important as setting goals. Setting goals is great, but what is the point of doing that if you don't work to achieve those goals? We need to work to make our goals a reality. Think of your goal as a seed. It is a great little seed; it… Continue reading Secrets to Achieving Goals

One of the secrets of setting your goals is to write them down. Image of a hand with pen writing down notes.
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Secrets to Setting Goals

Setting goals is important. When we have a goal we are motivated to work toward something, to strive and move forward and not be stagnate. We also celebrate the victory of accomplishment when we achieve what we have set out to do. Celebrating a victory is a great feeling, isn't it? Sometimes we get so… Continue reading Secrets to Setting Goals

Discern if you are called to homeschool your children. Image of a stack of two books with three pencils and a red apple. Image from
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Tips for Those Considering Homeschooling

"I don't know how do you do it!" I do not know how many times someone has said this to me when he or she finds out we homeschool our children. I have heard it many, many times. Usually, the person making this comment has a second thought that remains unsaid: "I don't think I… Continue reading Tips for Those Considering Homeschooling

Create a simple Bible reading plan. Image of a double rainbow.

Creating A Simple Bible Reading Plan

Is reading your Bible on your "One day I will . . . " list? Do you long to read your Bible every day or even a few times a week? I have found that creating a simple Bible reading plan was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Reading my Bible regularly was… Continue reading Creating A Simple Bible Reading Plan

Get kids to bed earlier is easier when you follow these simple steps. Image of a little boy sleeping on his bed, covered by a light blue blanket.

Getting Younger Kids to Bed Earlier

Creating Bedtime Routines for Younger Kids Getting kids to bed earlier can be done. I have a confession to make. When our oldest two kids were little (1 and 2 years old) we did not have a set bedtime for them. We let them stay up until they were tired and then got them ready… Continue reading Getting Younger Kids to Bed Earlier

Simple steps are all you need to be successful with meal planning. Image of hot chicken potpie in a casserole dish with recipe book behind it open to the page where the recipe is for this dish.
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Simple Steps for Meal Planning

"Mom, what's for dinner?" I'm sure that question sounds familiar. Or, "When are we eating?" Other than "Mom," these are the words I have probably head the most. Does planning meals fill you with dread? Do you feel like you just can't get a handle on it and would love for someone else to take… Continue reading Simple Steps for Meal Planning

Two Steps to Conquering Clutter are all you need. Image of clutter in a child's room.
At Home

Two Steps to Conquering Clutter

Clutter is a strange beast. Sometimes I don't see it at all in our home: it is invisible to me when I am focused on other things. Other times I see it everywhere I turn: mail on the kitchen counter, toys on the floor, laundry on the couch, and "I have no idea where to… Continue reading Two Steps to Conquering Clutter