Here are tips to make family dinners happen and enjoyable. Create a special time together to have fun, learn more about each other, and plan together. Image of a family enjoying dinner together.
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10 Tips to Make Family Dinner a Priority

Ah, family dinners. Spilled milk, sounds of, "I don't like that" and "WHAT is THAT?!" come from our kids now and again. At these times I wonder if I want to make family dinner a priority! Yet, I also think of the sounds of, "Wow, Mom, this is great?" and, "Can we have this for… Continue reading 10 Tips to Make Family Dinner a Priority

Here is a simple solution to our family's laundry dilemma: kids can do their own laundry. When we work as a family, we share the work load. Image of a white basket full of laundry. Blessed Catholic Mom logo on image.
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Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Own Laundry

Do you feel like laundry is one thing that has a life of its own in your home? One minute the dirty laundry basket is almost empty, then you blink and it is overflowing with two and a half loads? When our kids were younger (like last week), they would sometimes put their clean laundry… Continue reading Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Own Laundry

Cooking with children can make meal preparation a little longer, but the little extra time is worth the effort when we experience the wonderful results of a closer relationship with them and they feel appreciated and valued. Image of slices of homemade pizza on a baking stone.
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Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

"Mommy, can I help you?" Sometimes these are not the words I want to hear just as I am working to finish dinner so we can eat sooner than later. "It is easier if I just do this myself!" I often think. But, how will our kids learn if we do not teach them? Plus,… Continue reading Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

House cleaning does not need to be an overwhelming task. Just work some each day to get things done. Image of a room with a lot of toys, an overflowing laundry basket, and a couch cluttered with items. Blessed Catholic Mom watermark on photo at the bottom.
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5 Simple House Cleaning Strategies

House cleaning. Sigh. It is necessary, but it is not one of the items on my Favorite Things To Do list. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to beginning a cleaning task. However, while I am cleaning, I realize, "This is not so bad." After I am done I am happy to see that… Continue reading 5 Simple House Cleaning Strategies

The Magic of 15 minutes. Image of a timer set for fifteen minutes.
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The Magic of 15 Minutes

Do you want to get things accomplished in your home and personal life, yet feel like you never have the time? I can relate to that! We each have 24 hours every day. We need to wisely decide how we will spend our time, for we cannot get time back once it is spent. When… Continue reading The Magic of 15 Minutes

My friend, the timer-managing my day with a the aid of a timer. Image of a timer set for 15 minutes.
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My Friend, the Timer

My timer is one of my best friends. My timer is a friend who helps me just about every day, usually multiple times a day. Our kids don't call it "the timer." When they ask me if they can use it, they refer to it as "your timer." I use my timer to help keep… Continue reading My Friend, the Timer

Establishing chores for kids is fairly simple. Image of a toddler boy helping his older brother unload the dishwasher.
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Establishing Chores for Kids

For the most part, when our kids were little, my husband and I took care of the household chores, while our kids just picked up their toys. As they got older, we expected more from them. They were now old enough to take on more responsibility. We needed to decide what was realistic to expect… Continue reading Establishing Chores for Kids

Simple steps are all you need to be successful with meal planning. Image of hot chicken potpie in a casserole dish with recipe book behind it open to the page where the recipe is for this dish.
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Simple Steps for Meal Planning

"Mom, what's for dinner?" I'm sure that question sounds familiar. Or, "When are we eating?" Other than "Mom," these are the words I have probably head the most. Does planning meals fill you with dread? Do you feel like you just can't get a handle on it and would love for someone else to take… Continue reading Simple Steps for Meal Planning

Two Steps to Conquering Clutter are all you need. Image of clutter in a child's room.
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Two Steps to Conquering Clutter

Clutter is a strange beast. Sometimes I don't see it at all in our home: it is invisible to me when I am focused on other things. Other times I see it everywhere I turn: mail on the kitchen counter, toys on the floor, laundry on the couch, and "I have no idea where to… Continue reading Two Steps to Conquering Clutter

Follow Seven Steps to create Sanity Saving Routines. Image of a hand holding a pen over a blank sheet of paper. Image from Death to Stock Photo.
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Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines

Developing personal routines was a sanity saver for me. I used to cringe inwardly when I heard the word routine. To me, a routine was confining and boring. That is not what I wanted in my life. I wanted more joy and peace in my life. I was tired of feeling frazzled and feeling that… Continue reading Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines