Here are tips to make family dinners happen and enjoyable. Create a special time together to have fun, learn more about each other, and plan together. Image of a family enjoying dinner together.
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10 Tips to Make Family Dinner a Priority

Ah, family dinners. Spilled milk, sounds of, "I don't like that" and "WHAT is THAT?!" come from our kids now and again. At these times I wonder if I want to make family dinner a priority! Yet, I also think of the sounds of, "Wow, Mom, this is great?" and, "Can we have this for… Continue reading 10 Tips to Make Family Dinner a Priority

Cooking with children can make meal preparation a little longer, but the little extra time is worth the effort when we experience the wonderful results of a closer relationship with them and they feel appreciated and valued. Image of slices of homemade pizza on a baking stone.
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Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

"Mommy, can I help you?" Sometimes these are not the words I want to hear just as I am working to finish dinner so we can eat sooner than later. "It is easier if I just do this myself!" I often think. But, how will our kids learn if we do not teach them? Plus,… Continue reading Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

Simple steps are all you need to be successful with meal planning. Image of hot chicken potpie in a casserole dish with recipe book behind it open to the page where the recipe is for this dish.
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Simple Steps for Meal Planning

"Mom, what's for dinner?" I'm sure that question sounds familiar. Or, "When are we eating?" Other than "Mom," these are the words I have probably head the most. Does planning meals fill you with dread? Do you feel like you just can't get a handle on it and would love for someone else to take… Continue reading Simple Steps for Meal Planning