6 easy budgeting tips will help us accomplish financial goals without feeling like a budget is a noose. Image graphic of a green dollar sign surrounded by the words mindset, save, adjust, track, and breathe. Blessed Catholic Mom logo on bottom of graphic.

6 Easy Budgeting Tips

Does the term easy budgeting tips sound like a contradiction to you? I have no trouble making a budget each month. It is fairly easy to do. My challenge has been to stay within that budget consistently each month! I don't want our budget to feel like a noose around my neck. Instead, I want… Continue reading 6 Easy Budgeting Tips

How to make a budget is not difficult. Implement these easy steps and you will have a working budget that is easy to manage. Image of a graphic called How to Make a Budget with a graphic if a budget sheet with income and expenses to be logged and a pen on it. Besides that is a graphic of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbols.

How to Make a Budget

Now, I hope you do not go run and hide after reading the title of this post! Learning how to make a budget is a lot easier than it sounds. I will walk you through 6 simple steps to create and maintain a budget to track your monthly income and expenses. A budget is simply… Continue reading How to Make a Budget