Do you know how to create a chore chart? The best chore chart for your family is the one you use! Follow these simple steps to create one for your family. Image of a chore chart titled Blessing our Home Chore Chart form Blessed catholic Mom.
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How to Create a Family Chore Chart

What chore am I on this week? I have heard that question from our kids many times before! Do you wonder how to create a chore chart for your family that will actually work? Have no fear. I will share with you what we have done that has worked well for our family over the… Continue reading How to Create a Family Chore Chart

Establishing chores for kids is fairly simple. Image of a toddler boy helping his older brother unload the dishwasher.
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Establishing Chores for Kids

For the most part, when our kids were little, my husband and I took care of the household chores, while our kids just picked up their toys. As they got older, we expected more from them. They were now old enough to take on more responsibility. We needed to decide what was realistic to expect… Continue reading Establishing Chores for Kids