Make date night a priority. Image closeup bouquet of pale pink roses. Image from haute stock photography.

Prioritizing Date Night

When was the last time you and your husband went out on a date or stayed in and had a date night? Hum . . . do you even remember?When my husband Alex and I got married we vowed that we would stay married no matter what, but we did not want our married life… Continue reading Prioritizing Date Night

Schedule family date nights to have fun and build relationships. Image of a stack of board games.

Fun Family Date Night

Do you crave time as a family aside from the day to day activities and responsibilities? Time to have a picnic or play games together, or time to just be together to enjoy each others' company? This is what family date night is all about--creating downtime to have fun and just be together as a… Continue reading Fun Family Date Night

Plan kids date nights with your children. Image of young boy and his father laying on the floor coloring in a coloring book.

Planning a Kid Date Night

So, did you read the title of this post and wonder to yourself, "What is a kid date night?" Well, I will tell you. When my husband Alex and I were married, we knew we wanted to do all we could to forge strong bonds with our children. We wanted to make sure they felt… Continue reading Planning a Kid Date Night