Parenting is on the job training. We trust that God gave our children to us for a reason. We can learn from each other and help each other grow. Image of a child walking between Mom and Dad, holding their hands.

Parenting is on the Job Training

Whenever someone asks my husband and me how we manage as parents, my husband tells them, "I kept waiting for the manual to come after each one was born, but it never did." Sometimes it feels like we are on our own as parents. Well, that is not entirely true. We have much advice (whether… Continue reading Parenting is on the Job Training

Here is a simple solution to our family's laundry dilemma: kids can do their own laundry. When we work as a family, we share the work load. Image of a white basket full of laundry. Blessed Catholic Mom logo on image.
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Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Own Laundry

Do you feel like laundry is one thing that has a life of its own in your home? One minute the dirty laundry basket is almost empty, then you blink and it is overflowing with two and a half loads? When our kids were younger (like last week), they would sometimes put their clean laundry… Continue reading Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Own Laundry

Cooking with children can make meal preparation a little longer, but the little extra time is worth the effort when we experience the wonderful results of a closer relationship with them and they feel appreciated and valued. Image of slices of homemade pizza on a baking stone.
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Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

"Mommy, can I help you?" Sometimes these are not the words I want to hear just as I am working to finish dinner so we can eat sooner than later. "It is easier if I just do this myself!" I often think. But, how will our kids learn if we do not teach them? Plus,… Continue reading Simple Tips for Cooking with Children

Keeping (or not) kids' memorabilia and keepsakes. Image of a boy and a girl working on a scrapbook together.

Tips for Keeping (or Not Keeping) Kids’ Memorabilia

The older our kids get, the more stuff they seem to have. The dilemma is: What do I do with it? What is the solution? I think the solution depends on the family. Here are some strategies I use in dealing with memorabilia from our kids. When I use the term memorabilia I am referring… Continue reading Tips for Keeping (or Not Keeping) Kids’ Memorabilia

Adjust your vision; you are not just a mom. Image of viewer with phrase "turn to clear vision" in it.

Not Just A Mom

When you have been asked what you do by someone, have you ever responded: "Oh, I'm just a mom"? Yep. According to Merriam-Webster online, synonyms for the word just in this context are barely, hardly, and scarcely. Am I barely a mom? Hardly a  mom? Scarcely a mom? I hope not! These descriptions make me cringe.… Continue reading Not Just A Mom

My husband does not babysit our kids. Father holding daughter-view from behind them
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My Husband Does Not Babysit Our Kids

In the years that we have been parents, my husband has never once babysat our children. Ever. Are you surprised? He is a doting father who loves his children, after all. Also, I have never asked him to babysit our children. Nope. Not once. I will tell you why: fathers are parents, not babysitters. Fathers… Continue reading My Husband Does Not Babysit Our Kids

Establishing chores for kids is fairly simple. Image of a toddler boy helping his older brother unload the dishwasher.
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Establishing Chores for Kids

For the most part, when our kids were little, my husband and I took care of the household chores, while our kids just picked up their toys. As they got older, we expected more from them. They were now old enough to take on more responsibility. We needed to decide what was realistic to expect… Continue reading Establishing Chores for Kids

Plan kids date nights with your children. Image of young boy and his father laying on the floor coloring in a coloring book.

Planning a Kid Date Night

So, did you read the title of this post and wonder to yourself, "What is a kid date night?" Well, I will tell you. When my husband Alex and I were married, we knew we wanted to do all we could to forge strong bonds with our children. We wanted to make sure they felt… Continue reading Planning a Kid Date Night

Keeping track of kids' milestones is not as difficult as it may seem. Image of a toddler crawling outside.

Keeping Track of Kids’ Milestones

Baby books, journals, photo albums, online logs . . . How am I going to keep track of everything I need to and want to keep track of for my kids, especially when I have more that one child? Does that overwhelmed cry sound familiar? If so, I must have said it louder than I… Continue reading Keeping Track of Kids’ Milestones

Get kids to bed earlier is easier when you follow these simple steps. Image of a little boy sleeping on his bed, covered by a light blue blanket.

Getting Younger Kids to Bed Earlier

Creating Bedtime Routines for Younger Kids Getting kids to bed earlier can be done. I have a confession to make. When our oldest two kids were little (1 and 2 years old) we did not have a set bedtime for them. We let them stay up until they were tired and then got them ready… Continue reading Getting Younger Kids to Bed Earlier