By paying closer attention to our family members and having a plan to remember the important things, combating mom forgetfulness is a lot easier. Image graphic of title of post, "Combating Mom Forgetfulness in 6 Simple Steps" with questions we ask when we have forgotten something. Blessed Catholic Mom logo on the bottom.

Combating Mom Forgetfulness in 6 Simple Steps

Are you forgetful sometimes? Has one of your kids or your husband said something to you and then five minutes later you don't remember what it was? Maybe sometimes it takes less than five minutes to forget (like it does for me sometimes). I call this challenge combating mom forgetfulness. When this happens to me,… Continue reading Combating Mom Forgetfulness in 6 Simple Steps


Striving to be a Great Mom

Have you ever felt like an impostor when someone tells you that you are a great mom? I do. Each time someone tells me this I am caught by surprise. Each time, I am faced with a dilemma: Should I smile sincerely and say, "Thank you" or should I say, "No, I am not a great… Continue reading Striving to be a Great Mom

Adjust your vision; you are not just a mom. Image of viewer with phrase "turn to clear vision" in it.

Not Just A Mom

When you have been asked what you do by someone, have you ever responded: "Oh, I'm just a mom"? Yep. According to Merriam-Webster online, synonyms for the word just in this context are barely, hardly, and scarcely. Am I barely a mom? Hardly a  mom? Scarcely a mom? I hope not! These descriptions make me cringe.… Continue reading Not Just A Mom