God places dreams in our hearts that are uniquely suited to us. We do not have to fear them. Dream big and work every day to make those dreams a reality. Image of a giant woman sitting by a town reading her Bible.
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Dream Big and Take Action

Do you feel like you have lost your ability to dream, that the reality of life has crowded out the dreams you once had? Now that you are an adult, it is time to be realistic, right? We do need to be realistic. The reality is that if I do not pursue my dreams now, when… Continue reading Dream Big and Take Action

Work to achieve your goals and celebrate your success. Image of a blue and purple sky at sunset over foothills.
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Secrets to Achieving Goals

Achieving goals just as (if not more) important as setting goals. Setting goals is great, but what is the point of doing that if you don't work to achieve those goals? We need to work to make our goals a reality. Think of your goal as a seed. It is a great little seed; it… Continue reading Secrets to Achieving Goals