God places dreams in our hearts that are uniquely suited to us. We do not have to fear them. Dream big and work every day to make those dreams a reality. Image of a giant woman sitting by a town reading her Bible.
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Dream Big and Take Action

Do you feel like you have lost your ability to dream, that the reality of life has crowded out the dreams you once had? Now that you are an adult, it is time to be realistic, right? We do need to be realistic. The reality is that if I do not pursue my dreams now, when… Continue reading Dream Big and Take Action

What is my purpose? God will help us to recognize the gifts He has already given us and know our purpose. Image of a Bible on hte sand at the beach at sunset. View of the sand and the water. Image form Lightstock.
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What is my Purpose?

"What is my purpose?" is a universal question. Everyone on earth has probably asked this question at least one time in their lives. "What is my purpose?" is not a question with a simple answer. I think its answer comes after we ask and discern the answers to two other questions: What is my purpose as… Continue reading What is my Purpose?

Accepting my identity as a child of God is important. When I know who Christ is and who I am in relation to Him, I can more easily understand who I am. Image of Jesus on the cross in bronze.
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Accepting my Identity as a Child of God

Who am I? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I surely have. It is in our human nature to ask questions and to seek to understand, especially when it comes to who we are. I think this is a question we tend to ask ourselves many times over the course of a lifetime. To… Continue reading Accepting my Identity as a Child of God

The Magic of 15 minutes. Image of a timer set for fifteen minutes.
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The Magic of 15 Minutes

Do you want to get things accomplished in your home and personal life, yet feel like you never have the time? I can relate to that! We each have 24 hours every day. We need to wisely decide how we will spend our time, for we cannot get time back once it is spent. When… Continue reading The Magic of 15 Minutes

My friend, the timer-managing my day with a the aid of a timer. Image of a timer set for 15 minutes.
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My Friend, the Timer

My timer is one of my best friends. My timer is a friend who helps me just about every day, usually multiple times a day. Our kids don't call it "the timer." When they ask me if they can use it, they refer to it as "your timer." I use my timer to help keep… Continue reading My Friend, the Timer

Change your routines, change your life. Just as the Grand Canyon was created over time, our routines can change our lives over time. Image of an aerial view of the Grand Canyon.
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Change your Routines, Change Your Life

Routines. You may hear the word routines and think, "Tired. Monotonous. Boring!" We all have routines, whether or not we call them routines. We have breakfast every morning before we start school. We prayer together as a family every evening. These are  some of our family's routines. A routine is not something we do once… Continue reading Change your Routines, Change Your Life

Lear to be greatful every day for the beauty of nature around us. Image of orangish, cloudy evening sky at sunset.
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Learning to be Greatful

Before I get into the heart of this post, I want to say that yes, I did spell greatful that way on purpose. To me, a grate is a grid or part of a cheese grater, not a condition of the heart. Our hearts can be great in love and gratitude; they can inspire us… Continue reading Learning to be Greatful

Work to achieve your goals and celebrate your success. Image of a blue and purple sky at sunset over foothills.
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Secrets to Achieving Goals

Achieving goals just as (if not more) important as setting goals. Setting goals is great, but what is the point of doing that if you don't work to achieve those goals? We need to work to make our goals a reality. Think of your goal as a seed. It is a great little seed; it… Continue reading Secrets to Achieving Goals

One of the secrets of setting your goals is to write them down. Image of a hand with pen writing down notes.
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Secrets to Setting Goals

Setting goals is important. When we have a goal we are motivated to work toward something, to strive and move forward and not be stagnate. We also celebrate the victory of accomplishment when we achieve what we have set out to do. Celebrating a victory is a great feeling, isn't it? Sometimes we get so… Continue reading Secrets to Setting Goals

Follow Seven Steps to create Sanity Saving Routines. Image of a hand holding a pen over a blank sheet of paper. Image from Death to Stock Photo.
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Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines

Developing personal routines was a sanity saver for me. I used to cringe inwardly when I heard the word routine. To me, a routine was confining and boring. That is not what I wanted in my life. I wanted more joy and peace in my life. I was tired of feeling frazzled and feeling that… Continue reading Seven Steps to Sanity Saving Routines